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Safety And Facility Readiness

Where We Are in Building Preparedness for Eventual Re-Opening

Ventilation: A critical factor for reopening is the ventilation in our classrooms and the number of air exchanges that happen in a room. We have 2 HEPA air purifiers per classroom onsite as well as in common spaces (i.e., library, MPR) that will provide enough air exchanges so that the rooms get quality ventilation even if they do not have windows. Each air purifier is rated for a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 315 cubic feet per minute. 

Classroom Setup: Classroom desks are already set up with 6 feet of distance between them. Classrooms can accommodate between 10-15 students who are wearing masks. 

Signage: New signs reminding everyone to wear masks, wash hands and stay 6 feet apart are posted throughout the building.

Hand Sanitizer: OUSD has also supplied small bottles for all classrooms and will continue to keep us well stocked so that all can periodically sanitize their hands.

Masks: We have plenty of both adult and children’s disposable masks for students that need them. OUSD will continue to replenish these supplies but students and staff are welcome to wear CDC approved masks at school.