Fruitvale Programs

Springboard Learning Accelerator Program For more information, click here.

After School Program (ASP)

All students ages Kindergarten - fifth grade are eligible to be a part of the after school program sponsored by Bay Area Community Resources (BACR). The goal of the program is to teach participants how  to be productive, navigate challenges successfully and build positive relationships with their peers and adults. Our after school program believes in providing a fun, nurturing environment where students can improve and develop academic skills, interests, and personal growth.  ASP offers structured academic support and enrichment activities for at least 150 days (three hours a day) throughout the school year. Students will be engaged by a staff who will be assisting students with their homework. The program ends at 6:00 PM daily and any participant who is not picked up on time will be charged $1 each minute they are late.

Restorative Justice 

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a set of principles and practices inspired by indigenous values used to build community, respond to harm/conflict and provide individual circles of support for students. By building, maintaining and restoring relationships between members of the entire school community, we help to create an environment where all students can thrive. Our program is implemented through a 3-tier, school-wide model. At Fruitvale we believe that RJ Circles have made our school a better place!


Coordination Of Support Team (COST)

COST is a multidisciplinary team of individuals at a school site who meet regularly to assess needs of the school and students via referrals from the school community. The team discusses challenges and reviews and analyzes data that will help increase understanding of the referred student's functioning in order to match the student with an existing intervention to increase success at school. COST holds the process in which all services, academic, behavioral, case management, etc. are connected. It can also be a place to address school wide unmet needs. It is an integral part of OUSD's Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). 

The adults on COST vary from school to school depending on the resources available and is often comprised of a member of the administration, behavioral/mental health provider, after school personnel, nurse, Resource Specialist, school psychologist, attendance clerk, community based partners. Members represent not only the interventions available, but also have relationships with students and their families.

Special Education Program

    The special education program (SPED) is a program designed to support students who have an Individualized Education Plan or 504 plan. These students receive supports that range from pull out services to specialized academic instruction. There are 3 types of sections in our SPED program: Inclusion, Resource Program (RSP), and Special Day Class (SDC). 

    The Inclusion program is for students who need additional support in their general education classes. They have support from the Inclusion specialist who helps to facilitate IEP goals and progress. They also receive support from an Inclusion ParaEducator who is with them for a part of the day to assist with academic as well as social/emotional/behavioral needs. 

    RSP is a program for students in the general education setting who receive pull out services to work on specific skills and IEP goals. They also receive push in services where the RSP teacher goes into the classroom to work with the student. There is a direct collaboration between the RSP teacher and the student’s general education teacher to ensure that the student is receiving the modifications and accommodations outlined in their IEP.

    SDC is a program for students who need full specialized academic instruction for all core classes from an education specialist. They receive accommodations, modifications, and differentiated instruction in a structured environment that allows them to access curriculum and flourish in their academic achievement. This setting minimizes distractions because it is a set class size. There is also a SDC ParaEducator to assist in the classroom. 

Childhood Development Center

    The Childhood Development Center (CDC) is a program that is a part of Early Childhood Education. It is a program designed to offer on-post full-day, part-day, hourly child care, and extended duty day care to include  Kindergarten Readiness programs.  Care is provided by trained staff.

Fruitvale Elementary partners with a host of community organizations: 


  • Shoo the Flu

  • Generation Alive

  • First United Credit Union

  • Disney After School Programs

  • Wells Fargo Bank

Oakland Adult and Career Education's Family Literacy Class 

Parents of OUSD students are welcome to join Fruitvale's ESL/Family Literacy class in Portable K. These classes provide English as a Second Language instruction as well as academic and literacy instruction to help parents be active participants at Fruitvale School. Parents learn to communicate with school staff and develop academic language skills to become more involved in their children's learning. Parents also learn to use and navigate school technology and assessments, as well as working to become school leaders in the PTO and various school committees with the help of the teachers.

To participate, please contact Kathy Locke ( or visit OACE Family Literacy.