Curriculum & Assessment

Primary Curriculum 

The Fruitvale curriculum identifies the four major disciplines found in any elementary school; ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science. In addition we have an English Language Development curriculum consisting of three different grade level appropriate curricula. The school uses the adopted common core state standards as well as the next generation science standards. 


English Language Arts (ELA)

We use the Expeditionary Learning curriculum K-5 grade.  Students complete units of instruction once every five weeks. It identifies thematic lessons around opinions, information and narrative writing. This curriculum helps to foster a student centered classroom where students are completing the heavy lifting by listening, speaking and responding to learning prompts and reading close text. 


We have adopted our second year of SWUN math adoption. Like our ELA curriculum, students complete unit assessments once every five weeks like they do in ELA.  Each task scaffolds progressively more rigorous content yielding content mastery at each respective grade level. Every three units there is a cumulative end of unit assessment that compiles three units of study into one summative task. This is supplemented by online math programs. 



The Full Option Science System is published by the Lawrence Hall of Science. It focuses on active learning where students have the opportunity to observe the world around them identifying science content knowledge and science practices. The hallmark is that science is a discovery activity. There are three bands of science; physical, life and earth. 


Social Studies 

The Reflection Social Studies textbook series is utilized at every grade level. There is crossover from the Lucy Caulkins curriculum and in addition to this curriculum, we are committed to engaging in study and celebration of our rich and diverse cultures that make up our Fruitvale student body. We celebrate Latinx History, Black History, Women’s History, and Asian and Pacific Islander History school. 


English Language Development (ELD)

Systematic Instructional and Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Sight Words, or SIPPS. This is predominately used for kindergarten through second grade. Discussions for learning, students have academic discussion about fine art images and real world photos and learn high level academic vocabulary without worksheets and flash cards. 4-5 Grade uses the Word Gen Curriculum which is also an academic discussion curriculum that delivers content vocabulary specific to primary curriculum and aligns this with social situations. 

Physical Education


State and District Assessments

Student progress is regularly assessed with results addressed during our professional learning community.  Teachers use these results to collaboratively plan to reteach and enrich areas of student need.  


District Assessments 

CEOU- Cumulative End of Unit Assessment K-2 Grade taken three times a year. 

IAB- Interim Assessment Block- ELA and Math 3-5 Grade taken twice a year.  

RI- Reading Inventory- 3-5 Online reading assessment taken 3 times and twice for second graders. 

Science FOSS Map Assessment- taken 3 times a year 3-5 grades. 

Foundations Assessment- taken three times a year in K and assessed as needed for the 1st grade. 


State Assessments 

ELPAC- English Language Proficiency Assessment for California which is taken by students reclassifying as English Language proficient. 

SBAC- Standards Based Assessment Consortium- This is a state assessment taken once per year in English and Math for 3-5 grade students. 

CAST- California Science Test once per year for 5th Graders.